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Dr Oliver Knappe
and Oral Surgery
Dr Oliver Knappe
and Oral Surgery
Dr Oliver Knappe
and Oral Surgery
Dr Oliver Knappe
and Oral Surgery

Your O/K DENTAL MEDICINE & ORAL SURGERY practice will guide you safely through your dental visit, even in Corona times. Our spacious waiting areas allow you to keep your distance.

Corona reference:

Dear patient,

due to the current corona situation, we kindly ask you to come to our dental practice in Neuendettelsau by appointment only. Please disinfect your hands when entering our practice and observe the distance regulations. For your safety and ours, it is mandatory to wear an FFP-2 mask or a medical mouth-nose protection according to the legal requirements. If you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, fever or sore throat, please inform our practice team by telephone so that we can discuss further procedures with you personally. Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to the website of O/K ZAHNMEDIZIN & ORALCHIRURGIE, your practice for oral surgery and dentistry in Neuendettelsau.

Dr Knappe and his team care for patients in the full range of modern dentistry and oral surgery. The innovative concept combines state-of-the-art medical equipment, professional expertise, and a compassionate approach to treatment providing patients with the best possible experience.

Our services include modern dentistry treatments, from prophylaxis, periodontal treatments to sustainable dental prosthesis – it is our responsibility that you leave our dental practice with beautiful and healthy teeth.

The whole family is welcome in our newly designed, modern facilities in Neuendettelsau. The cutting-edge equipment allows us to make an accurate diagnosis and thus develop an individual treatment plan, which will meet your needs.

We pay special attention to patients who are afraid of dentists. We ensure that our team of experts will advise and accompany you with empathy and experience. Transparent communication is the cornerstone of our work. We meet patients at eye level and give them the information they need to decide on prevention options or treatment approaches. To build a good doctor-patient relationship, we take our time with each patient to address their individual needs and wishes. This allows us to provide satisfactory treatment with the desired outcome.

Do you come from Neuendettelsau, Spalt, Windsbach, Ansbach, Heilsbronn, Katterbach, Schwabach, Petersaurach, Großhaslach, Lichtenau or the surrounding area? We would happily welcome you to our dental practice soon. 


Bundled Competency
under one roof:

We see it as our responsibility to offer our patients the best possible treatment. Our practice concept is based on two main pillars: state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

Digitalization is increasingly taking hold in modern dentistry, and we are committed to always stay at the cutting edge of it. Precise diagnostics is essential for us to have an estimation of the initial situation and plan therapy options based on it. With the help of our intraoral scanner and 3D X-ray, we can obtain a digital replica of the oral cavity. This allows us to digitally plan the treatment and, for example, manufacture precisely fitting implants for your jaw. Our dental office runs completely digitally, which allows us to offer effective communication to our patients.

Even the best equipment needs someone who knows how to operate it. Our entire team has professional knowledge and expertise and is trained in the use of all the modern equipment. Our dentist, Dr Oliver Knappe, graduated from JMU Würzburg as a dentist and further trained as a specialist in oral surgery. We approach every patient with an open mind and take the time to find out their needs to achieve a satisfactory result.



You will find us in the heart of Neuendettelsau. In front of the dental office, you will find public parking and connections to public transport is guaranteed by bus line 712. Come and see for yourself, we are looking forward to your visit. 


About us

This is us

Your dental health is our mission! During treatment in Neuenddettelsau, you are the centre of attention. The friendly medical team at O/K DR OLIVER KNAPPE competently listens to you and your needs. We are trained professionals and experienced in dealing with patients. We convince through efficient, digital workflows and  communication at eye level. Our goal is to make your stay in our modern practice as relaxed as possible. We, the team of your dental practice Neuendettelsau, look forward to meeting you.

Get to know your dentist

Dr. Oliver Knappe

dr oliver knappe




We cover the entire field of modern dentistry, including detailed prophylaxis treatments. In addition, we offer numerous services of classical oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal and implantology. We aim to perform every treatment at the highest level. The key to our success lies in a combination of competence and modern technology. 

There are about 500 different species of bacteria that live in the human oral cavity. They feed on food leftovers on the surfaces of our teeth – so-called plaques. Plaque is removed by brushing your teeth, if this is not done correctly the remaining plaque breaks down and can lead to gingivitis and tooth decay. Your dentist in Neuenddettelsau offers measures to protect you against this. During professional teeth cleaning, all plaque is removed without residue. In addition to soft deposits, solid material such as tartar is also removed, and the gum pockets are completely cleaned and smoothed so that the damaged gums can heal quickly and safely. 

A healthy smile is the signature of every person. Your dental office O/K DR OLIVER KNAPPE wants you to have visually pleasing results. After caries, a small hole remains in the tooth. We use a tooth-coloured filling to avoid color differences and optical discomfort. In case of bigger damages, we can fabricate individual inlays for you. Using computer technology, we can reconstruct dental defects. If the teeth are damaged on the outside, we can also provide veneers for you. Veneers are wafer-thin shells made of ceramic, which are attached to the outside of your teeth with the help of an adhesive bond. Unlike conventional crowns, less tooth substance is lost during the procedure. We also treat patients whose teeth are damaged due to grinding. We provide suitable splints that stop grinding from damaging your teeth and make sure your smile remains beautiful. 

People desire a white smile, but due to extrinsic and intrinsic influences, teeth become yellow over time. To counteract the discolouration and to make your teeth shine white, your dentist in Neuendettelsau offers Opalescence®. It allows you to bleach your teeth independently from the comfort of your home. First, we create a digital impression of your teeth using our intraoral scanner to produce a splint that is suitable for you. Opalescence®, which contains ingredients that actively whiten your teeth, is then placed on your splint. The splint must be worn daily for 90 minutes. The results are visible within a few days. Your smile will be bright and white. 

Due to damage or caries, Bacteria can penetrate the tooth nerve. When the nerve becomes inflamed and dies, it causes great pain to the patient. Without proper treatment, the entire tooth may die. However, we offer root canal treatments so that the problem can be addressed. During this process, modern instruments are used to widen the root canal while disinfecting the entire canal. All harmful bacteria and irreversibly damaged tissues are removed. The exposed root canal is filled with tooth-coloured material and securely sealed again. In the end, the filling is smoothed to achieve a comfortable bite and a pleasant optical finish. 

If a tooth is damaged to a significant degree, it is necessary to stabilize the tooth with a partial or full crown. To do this, we use our intraoral scanner to make a digital replica of your tooth and produce a crown with your dimensions. This is then placed on the prepared tooth to give them new stability. If there is no tooth left to put the crown on, we consider it a total prosthesis. Our goal is not only to replace the lost tooth but also to restore function, aesthetics and chewing comfort. In our dental office O/K DR OLIVER KNAPPE we prefer to work metal-free and use ceramics instead. The high-performance ceramics have resistance as well as high compatibility with the organism. 

Children need special care and sensitivity. It is important to us that children feel comfortable during their visits to our dental office. Due to our playful approach, we manage to develop trust with your child. We take extra time to address all the questions and needs of your children so that the visit to the dentist becomes more like an experience. We offer individual prophylaxis for children because it is crucial to develop the right brushing technique. Healthy teeth play a critical role in the physical and mental development of a child. In the case of a disease of the primary teeth, the focus is on healing and preserving the teeth until they fall out naturally. If necessary, we will refer you to a competent colleague for the placement of crowns. 

Functional diagnostic is a special field of dentistry. It deals with the position of the temporomandibular joints and the effect of malposition on the human body. The most common clinical picture is bruxism – also called teeth grinding. In this case, those who are affected involuntarily clench their teeth – usually at night – with great pressure. The causes of the disease can be manifold. The consequences are abrasion and damage to the teeth and, in the worst case, can lead to complete tooth loss. Patients often complain of painful muscle tension. Your dentist in Neuenddettelsau offers you individually manufactured grinding splints that, thanks to modern technology, are comfortable to wear and do not disturb. They protect your teeth during the night and prevent damage. 

While a conventional X-ray can produce a two-dimensional image of your jaw, digital volume tomography allows us to create a three-dimensional model of your teeth and periodontium. This process generates a digital replica from several individual X-ray images that are taken from different perspectives by using mathematical processes. The radiation exposure is nevertheless significantly lower than that of a CT device and the use is therefore harmless for individuals. In our dental office, we use DVT primarily for planning operations and placing implants. The advantage is that the oral surgeon can see the bone in which the implant should be placed. This minimizes the risk of a second operation due to bone deficiency or misjudgement of the position of important structures. 


Oral Surgery

In addition to the spectrum of modern dentistry, your dentist in Neuenddettelsau also offers oral surgery. Dr Oliver Knappe is an accredited specialist dentist for oral surgery by the Bavarian Chamber of Dentists. Patients with anxiety can perform the treatment under anaesthesia – so you are guaranteed not to feel any pain. 

Missing teeth harm the functionality and appearance of the jaw and affect the self-confidence of those affected. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we create high-quality and realistic dentures that sustainably improve patients‘ quality of life by restoring function and aesthetics. We make an accurate digital model of your jaw and tooth position, using intraoral scanners and three-dimensional x-ray systems (Cone Beam Imaging). Based on this, we can manufacture high-quality ceramic, stainless steel and titanium dentures that fit your jaw perfectly. We also offer the new All-on-4® system, which saves time and money compared to the traditional implant method. Using this new method, you can get new teeth within one day. In addition, we offer prophylactic treatments, to educate our patients about the correct handling of implants and thus preventing periimplantitis. 

There are many reasons for a wisdom tooth removal. Often this procedure is necessary due to a lack of space in the upper and lower jaw. This can result in pressure being exerted on the existing ones. This can lead to damaged and misaligned teeth.

To prevent this, we will happily advise you about wisdom tooth extractions. With the help of modern diagnostic tools, we can find out the exact position and condition of your wisdom teeth to choose the optimal therapeutic approach. This minimally invasive routine procedure can be performed painlessly in our dental practice. We offer to perform the procedure with local anaesthesia, under sedation or general anaesthesia if desired for patients with anxiety. 

If a bacterial infection has spread too far to be treated with conventional root canal therapy, an apicoectomy must be performed. Firstly, local anaesthesia is applied to ensure that you do not feel any pain during the treatment. To treat the pathological findings an entry to the affected root canal region is made through the jawbone. After removing the inflamed tissue, the root tip is separated and smoothed. Then the root canal is retrogradely filled and sealed with biocompatible material. To make the necessary procedures easier for you, your dentist in Neuenddettelsau offers the option of anaesthesia. This is recommended for patients with dental anxiety. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

Many diseases of the periodontium can be cured with professional tooth cleaning or periodontal treatment. In some cases, conventional treatment is no longer capable of ensuring the long-term preservation of the teeth.

Therefore, your dentist in Neuenddettelsau offers periodontal treatments to improve the state of health in your mouth. If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold stimulation, you may be suffering from receding gums. This can be caused by bacterial inflammation. To combat this, your dentist offers recession coverage: This involves microsurgical reconstruction of the gums around the affected neck of the tooth and re-covering and protecting the free neck of the tooth. The filling of gingival pockets around the neck of the tooth can also be performed in our practice with Emdogain®. We also offer connective tissue and mucosa transplantations to our patients. 



Patients information

For any insurance related process, you can also download the claim form below. 

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To reach us outside of our office hours, we have set up an online contact form. With just a few clicks, you can contact us at any time from the comfort of your home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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